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Tenarky in Dallas - 2006
Click on each thumbprint to see a larger picture.



Barbara and her ceramic containers
Barbara Olive, Memphis
  Clayton and Roy selling Mills Magic Mix
Baldo Villegas ARS CR Chair
Clayton Beaty, Roy Guthrie
, Chattanooga

The Show

Ray Hunter preparing his roses for the show
Ray Hunter
Sam Jones clerking
Sam Jones
Kent Campbell judging
Center) Kent Campbell


Best Pair Louise Estes
Best Matched Pair 
Louise Estes
Best Picture Frame Cajun Sunrise
Best Picture Frame 
Cajun Sunrise
Best Floribunda, Natalie
Best Floribunda
Joanna Deck
Best Seedling
Best Seedling
  Whit Wells with his seedling
Whit Wells with his rose
Rose Hybridizers Assoc.
Louise Estes, Classic Touch, Veterans' Honor
From Sea to Shining Sea
Barbara Olive's Rio Grande
Rio Grande
Barbara Olive
Sam Jones' Remember the Alamo with Uncle Joe
Remember the Alomo
Artist Award
Sam Jones
Hot Tamale and Solar Flare
Tyler Rose Garden
Hot Tamale, Solar Flare
  Grace Seward arrangement
Caddo Lake - Mini Oriental Award
Grace Seward
Barbara Olive
  The Banquet  
Glenda Whitaker, Nancy & Sam Jones
Glenda Whitaker, Nancy & Sam Jones
  Claire & Kent Campbell, Barbara Olive
Claire & Kent Campbell, Barbara Olive


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