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2008 Nashville Fall District Convention
October 3-5, 2008
Complete Show Results pdf file

Click on each small picture to see a larger image.
Harriette & Dick Weidner                    Rodgers and Bates                    Cathy & Mark Nolen                    Ann & Bob Jacobs

                  Harriette &                   John & Kay Rodgers                     Cathy &                             Ann & Bob
                 Dick Weidner               Mary & Michael Bates                Mark Nolen                              Jacobs

Ann & Charles Lott                    Sam & Nancy Jones                    The Campbells & Prestons                    Bob & Chris Thorpe

                      Ann &                                   Sam &                     Kent & Claire Campbell                   Bob &
                 Charles Lott                        Nancy Jones              Jim & Barbara Preston               Chris Thorpe

Cheekwood Lobby                    Preparation Area                   David & Tammy                    Whit Wells

           Cheekwood Lobby               Preparation Area                        David &                             Whit Wells
                                                                                                          Tammy Clemons

Preparation Area                    Phyllis & Nancy                   Evelyn Moser                    Brickmans

             Preparation Area              Phyllis Rottgering &               Evelyn Moser                            Dan &
                                                                Nancy Jones                                                              Barbara Brickman

the show                    McFarland                    Ralph Moore award                   Whit Wells winner

                          The Show             ARS J. Horace McFarland     ARS Ralph Moore Award        The Whit Wells Trophy
                                                        Don & Sara Jo Gill               Bob & Chris Thorpe                  Doyle Clark

The Blackburn                    Gold Certificate & Artist's Award                    Mini Gold Certificate & Mini Oriental                    Silver & Royalty Awards

       The Blackburn Award              Gold Certificate &         Mini Gold Certificate &           Class 2 - The Bouquet
           Don & Sara Jo Gill                   
Artist's Award               Mini Oriental Award         Silver & Royalty Awards
                                                             Sara Jo Gill                          Paula Williams                      Connie Baird

Queen - Veteran's Honor                    Queen - Bees Knees                    Queen - Whirlaway                    Royalty

                Hybrid Tea Queen                Miniature Queen                Mini-Flora Queen                       Royalty
             Veteran's Honor                      Bees Knees                          Whirlaway
Bill & Jill Chappell                              David & Tammy Clemons

American Box                    Basket of Roses                    English Box

                                                  American Box             Basket of Roses                English Box
                                           Lavonne Glover             Mary Ann Hext         Michael & Mary Bates

Spruiells & Mike Thompson                    Don Wear & Clayton Beaty                    Tarrants & Carlsons                   Glenda Whitaker, Mary Jane & Peggy Utz

                    Rhonda & Joe Spruiell              Don Wear             Donna & Lane Tarrant      Glenda Whitaker
                       Mike Thompson              Clayton Beaty            Mary Frances &                 Mary Jane &
                                                                                                          Tom Carlson                      Peggy Utz

 Kathy Dodson, Skinners, Dan Brickman                    Linda, Cindi, Cynthia                   Peggy, Tammy, & Sonia                    Howard & Paula

                  Kathy Dodson                      Linda Ring                Peggy Bingham            Howard Carman &
              John & Dianne Skinner             Cindi LeMay             Tammy Boswell               Paula Williams
                       Dan Brickman                 Cynthia Worch                                                Sonia Richardson

Don & Sara Jo                    Gordon, Marty, and the Metcalfs                    Kathy & Mary Ann                    The Jones and Harveys at head table

                    Don & Sara Jo Gill              Gordon Wynn              Kathy Dodson &          Nancy & Sam Jones
                                                                  Marty Reich                 Mary Ann Hext          Jennifer & Jeff Harvey
                                                       Wayne & Dottie Metcalf

                    Jacobs, Richardson, Wear                    Skinner & Sam Jones                    Group of Silver Medal Winners

                                           New Master Rosarians     Silver Medal Winner      Former Silver Medal
                                                 Sonia Richardson            Martin Skinner                     Winners
                                                       Don Wear

Photos by Howard Carman, Bob Jacobs, Jim Preston, and Claire Campbell


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