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2009 Louisville Fall District Convention
September 18-19 2009
Horticulture Show Results     Arrangement Show Results

Click on each small picture to see a larger image.

Sam, Nancy, and Don
 Sam & Nancy Jones
Don Gill
Becky & Monty
Becky & Monty Justice
Howard & Paula
Howard Carman 
Paula Williams
Shelley Lockhart

Janet Miller

Mary & Michael
Mary & Michael Bates 
Barbara & Dan
Barbara & Dan Brickman
Mike Thompson

Tom & Mary Frances
Tom & Mary Frances

Kathy & Mary Ann
Kathy Dodson 
Mary Ann Hext
Ann & Bob
Ann and Bob Jacobs  
Caroline & Charles
Caroline & Charles

Mini Oriental Award
Ann Jacobs 

Louise Estes
Oriental Award
Louise Estes  
Sara Jo Gill
Let Freedom Ring
Royalty Award
Let Freedom Ring
Charlene Head 
Minnie Pearl
Mini Royalty Award
Minnie Pearl
Sara Jo Gill

Blackburn Award
Blackburn Dist. Award
Marlon's Day, Louise Estes,
Moonstone, Veteran's Honor
Dan & Barbara Brickman

Lester Smith Award
Lester Smith Dist. Award 
Marlon's Day
Dan & Barbara Brickman
McFarland & Don & Sara Jo
McFarland Dist. Award
Let Freedom Ring, Mavrik, Veteran'
 Honor, Louise Estes. Marlon's Day
Don & Sara Jo Gill
Joy & Paula
Mini Gold & Royalty Awards
Paula Williams

Gary & Lew
Gary Barlow & Lew Shupe

Group Group
Arrangers Workshop

Bowling Green members
Kathy Dodson, Bob & Ann Jacobs, Kent Campbell
Mary Ann Hext
Claire Campbell

Tennessee members
Mary & Michael Bates
Tom & Mary Frances Carlson
Kathy Brennan, Rhonda Spruiell,
 Jim Brennan
Johnsons & Kuduks
Harvey & Gladys Johnson
Michael & Lisa Kuduk
Phelps & Prestons
Charles & Carolyn Phelps
Barbara & Jim Preston

Charlene Head, Sara Jo Gill, 
Don Gill, Dan & Barbara Brickman 

Silver Medal
Sam Jones presents
Silver Medals
to Rhonda and Joe Spruiell
Silver Medal Group
Silver Medal Winners


Kent Campbell
Sharon Wuorenmaa

Photos by Howard Carman, Don Gill, Richard Hartke, Mary Ann Hext, Bob Jacobs, Sam Jones and Claire Campbell



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