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Rose Floral Emblem


2010 Memphis Fall District Convention
September 24-25 2010
Complete Show Results

Click on each small picture to see a larger image.

Louis Armstrong
statue in lobby

Hotel Lagoon




Silver Medal
awarded to
Robbie Tucker,
with wife Marsha

Tammy Manderson,
Barbara Olive,
Jimmy Moser


Ann & Bob Jacobs


Dick & Harriette
Weidner, Barbara &
Dan Brickman,
Michael & Mary Bates

Kathy Dodson, Kent
& Claire Campbell,
Mary Ann Hext, Bob
& Ann Jacobs

Rhonda & Joe Spruiell
John & Kay Rodgers

Blann Brieton,
Gus Michalas,
Don & Terry Wear

Jimmy & Evelyn


Chris & Mike


Nancy & Sam Jones



The Show

Michael & Mary Bates
winners of
the McFarland


Rosedale Bowl
Denali, Deidre Hall,
Veterans' Honor, Marilyn
Wellan(2), Here's Gert
Joanna Deck

Lester Smith Award
Louise Estes
Michael & Mary Bates

Mack & Maybeth
Blackburn Award
Pop Warner, Artic Circle,
Louise Estes,
Touch of Class
Peggy Bingham

Roy & Florence
Graff Award
Gemini, St. Patrick,
Jo Ann Edwards,
Michael & Mary Bates

Charles Dawson
Memorial Award
King of Hearts, Blackout,
Perfectly Red
Larry & Connie Baird

Robert & Glenda
Whitaker Award
Gemini, Boardwalk,
Louise Estes, Brides Dream
Frank & Jeanie Toevs

Dr. H.R. Rumble
Memorial Award
Glowing Amber, Behold,
Miss Flippins, Bee's Knees
Sweet Caroline
Peggy Bingham


Rose in a
Picture Frame
Peggy Bingham

3 MF in Bowl
Memphis King
Lavonne Glover


12M/MF in Bowl
Miss Flippins
Peggy Bingham


MiniFL Bowl
First Choice
Peggy Bingham


Old Garden Rose
intro. before 1867
Eugene de Beauharnais
Don & Terry Wear

Old Garden Rose
intro. after 1867
Rose de Rescht
Don & Terry Wear

Shrub Rose
Gartendire Ktor Otto-Linne
Lavonne Glover

Artist's Palette
Angel Face, Sentimental,
Black Cherry, Golden
Holstin, Summer Fashion
Peggy Bingham

Floating Hybrid Tea
Vino Rosso
Lavonne Glover




Floating Open Bloom
Michael & Mary Bates




12HTs in vase
Pope John Paul II, Moon
Over Miani, Mulan, Fantasy,
Veterans Honor, Hot Princess,
Here's Sam, Repihidy, Cajun
Moon, White Success, Liz
Taylor, Pop Warner
Frank & Jeanie Toevs

12 Minis or MF
Soroptimist International,
Behold, Hot Tamale, Sweet
Caroline, Odessa, Erin
Alonso, Glowing Amber,
Miss Flippins, X-Rated,
Mobile Jubilee, Sweet
Melody, Bee's Knees

Peggy Bingham


3 Mini or MF
Butter Cream
Tammy Manderson


M/MF Stages of Bloom
Jim & Staria Harding


3 M/MF Sprays
Soroptimist International,
Mobile Jubilee,
Sandy Lundberg
Peggy Bingham

Shrub Roses
Country Dancer, Sophy's
Rose, Hawkeye Belle
Don & Terry Wear


Silver Certificate
& Oriental Award
Sam Jones

Mini Silver Certificate
& Mini Oriental Award
Soroptimist International
Connie Baird

Bronze Certificate
& Artist Award
Louise Estes
Donna Tarrant

Mini Bronze Cert.
& Princess Award
Donna Tarrant

Queen Pop Warner
Hybrid Tea Queen
Pop Warner
Tammy Manderson

Mini Queen Best of '04
Miniature Queen
Best of '04
Lavonne Glover

Miniflora Queen Whirlaway
Miniflora Queen
B.J. Bingham


McFarland District Winner
The ARS Horace McFarland
District Award
Let Freedom Ring,
Cajun Moon, Louise
Estes, Veteran's Honor,
Michael & Mary Bates

Ralph Moore District Winner
The ARS Ralph Moore
District Award
Miss Flippins, Dancing Flame,
Bee's Knees, Klassy Lady
Breath of Spring, Soroptimist
International, Doris Morgan

Joanna Deck

Red Intuition
The Gold Certificate &
Royalty Award
Red Intuition
Lavonne Glover

Memphis Music
The Mini Gold Certificate
& Mini Artist Award
Memphis Music
Mary Ann Hext


by Barbara Brickman & Claire Campbell


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2007 Princess of District Web Sites

2006 District Website Princess logo 2004 ARS King of District Websites
Website Awards earned by Claire Campbell, Tenarky webmaster 2003-2012.
Awards were discontinued in 2010.



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