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2008 Tenarky Winter Workshop
Click on each thumbprint to see a larger picture.

Joan & Norma Cruz, Ann Jacobs                    Ted Mills, Paul Zimmerman, Kent Campbell                   Four Louisville RS members                    Paula Williams, Howard Carman 
John & Norma Cruz                       Ted Mills,                            Mary Jane Utz,                     Paula Williams,
    Ann Jacobs                       Paul Zimmerman                  Sharon Wuorenmaa,               Howard Carman
   Kent Campbell                        Linda Jansing,
                                                  Cheryl Hartke

Richard Hudson, Bob Jacobs, Jim Preston                   Claire Campbell                    Debbie & Keith Zary                    Kreg Hill
Richard Hudson,                  Claire Campbell                    Debbie & Keith Zary                      Kreg Hill     
Bob Jacobs,                                                                                                                                         
Jim Preston                                                                                                                                          

Paul Zimmerman                   Martin Stone                    Audience shot                    Whit Wells, Kreg Hill, Jennifer Harvey
  Paul Zimmerman                  Martin Stone                                Audience                  Whit Wells, Kreg Hill,
                                                                                                                                          Jennifer Harvey

Evelyn & Jimmy Moser, Whit Wells                    Rhonda Spruiell, Dot Skinner, Joe Spruiell                    Kay and John Rodgers                    Kathy Dotson, Mary Ann Hext, Ben Matus
Evelyn & Jimmy Moser,            Rhonda Spruiell,                  Kay & John Rodgers                  Kathy Dotson,
      Whit Wells                           Dot Skinner,                                                                        Mary Ann Hext,
                                                   Joe Spruiell                                                                            Ben Matus

Kent Campbell                   Peggy Bingham, Barbara Olive                    Richard & Viola Hudson                    Ben & Pauline Matus, Howard & Georgia Snyder
Kent Campbell                     Peggy Bingham,             Richard & Viola Hudson         Ben & Pauline Matus,
                                             Barbara Olive                                                                       Howard &
                                                                                                                                        Georgia Snyder

Kathy & Jim Brennan                    Barbara & Dan Brickman                    Geri Sink, Tina & Michael Jennings                    Sharon Wuorenmaa, Richard & Cheryl Hartke
Kathy & Jim Brennan          Barbara & Dan Brickman         Geri Sink, Tina &               Sharon Wuorenmaa,
                                                                                              Michael Jennings             Richard & Cheryl Hartke


Marge & Noah Wilson, Martin Skinner, Ted Mills                    Barbara Preston, Claire Campbell, Linda Jansing                    Terry & Don Wear, Tim Bradshaw                    Keith Zary, Monty Justice, Debbie Zary
Marge & Noah Wilson                Barbara Preston,                   Terry & Don Wear,                    Keith Zary,
    Martin Skinner                       Claire Campbell                     Tim Bradshaw                        Monty Justice,
        Ted Mills                              Linda Jansing                                                                      Debbie Zary

Marshall Scott & John Martin                         Eight Nashville RS members                         Kreg Hill, Keith Zary, Paul Zimmerman, Debbie Zary
Marshall Scott & John Martin       Charles & Robbie Griggs           Kreg Hill, Keith Zary
                                               Leann Barron, Jennifer &            Paul Zimmerman
                                           Jeff Harvey, Glenda Whitaker,           Debbie Zary
          Nancy & Sam Jones

Photos by Bob Jacobs, Linda Jansing, Sam Jones, Jim Preston & Claire Campbell



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