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Rose Shows 2015

Memphis & Dixie Rose Show
October 4, 2015
(photos Joanna Deck, Sam Jones, and Mary Ann Hext)

Click HERE for Photos
Click HERE for Horticulture Results     Click HERE for Artistic Design Results

Tenarky District Rose Show
September 26, 2015
(photos Howard Carman, Sam Jones, Brenna Bosch and Mary Ann Hext)

Click HERE for Photos

Louisville Rose Show
September 19, 2015
(photos Linda Jansing and Sam Jones)

Click HERE for Photos (more coming soon)
Click HERE for Horticulture Results
Click HERE for Arrangement Results

Kentucky State Fair Rose Show
August 15, 2015
(photos Howard Carman and Linda Jansing)

Click HERE for Photos
Click HERE for Results


ARS Combined Spring National and Mini National Rose Show
Columbus, OH
June 13, 2015
(photos  Mary Ann Hext)

Click HERE for Tenarky Winner Photos


Bowling Green RS Rose Show
May 30, 2015
(photos Howard Carman, Robert Sutherland, Richard Anthony & Mary Ann Hext)

Click HERE for Photos
Click HERE for Results


Nashville RS Rose Show
May 23-24, 2015
(photos  Mary Ann Hext)

Click HERE for Photos (if anyone has more photos, please send)
Click HERE for Results




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