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Miniatures surrounded by Floribundas                    four Icebergs in pots surrounded by herbs
Pieter Hoonderd, Hendersonville, TN
Nashville Rose Society
Pieter has 200 roses, four of which are Icebergs in pots. The pots are in pots.  In the winter he just takes out the rose in its pot and the other pot stays in the ground.  Each year he opens his gardens  for fund raising tours for his favorite charities.
  climbers America & Jeanne Lajoie, HT's & miniatures                    sidewalk area surrounded by roses
Ron & Francine Daniels, Hendersonville, TN
Nashville Rose Society
The first picture shows the arbor & fountain and some of the yard art, two climbers, HT's and miniatures.  On the right is the sidewalk area.
the Bairds' rose garden with mountains in the distance                    another picture of their garden
Larry & Connie Baird, Duck River, TN
Nashville Rose Society

Not only do the Bairds grow beautiful roses, but they also breed beautiful goats. They also built and maintain a rose garden in Centerville, TN, located on the corner where you turn to go to Grinder's Switch.
  an overview of the Mosers' garden                    the first bloom cycle of the year
Jimmy & Evelyn Moser, Bartlett, TN
Memphis & Dixie Rose Societies
Jimmy has about 650 roses and the hybrid teas are his favorites.  Evelyn is his "distributor."  She takes blooms to sick friends and prepares an arrangement each Sunday for their church.  They take part in a spring garden tour and a yearly seminar.
a pond surrounded by roses                    a full view of raised beds fille with roses
Don & Terry Wear, Lakeland, TN
Memphis & Dixie Rose Societies
His dad grew roses and Don has been growing them all his life.  He has about 325.  Terry helps in the garden and at rose shows they are a team.
  back yard rose beds with swimming pool in the foreground                    miniature bed on the east side of their home
Gerald & Betty Aldridge, Bartlett, TN
Memphis Rose Society
Gerald has been growing roses over 40 years.  He has a large fenced year with about 20 climbing roses  besides his hybrid teas, miniatures and floribundas
some of the 450 rose bushes in their back yard                    religious statues and roses
John & Lucie Elfervig, Germantown, TN
Dixie Rose Society
John has 450 roses including most of the Buck roses.He also maintains the rose garden of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church. He planted 90 of 160 rose bushes with the help of a local Boy Scoup troop.
  red climber Don Juan framing the entrance to a picket fenced rose garden                    part of the encircled rose garden with white urn in center
Carol Rudloff, Louisville, KY
Louisville Rose Society
Carol has always loved roses and has appreciated all she has learned at the LRS meetings.  She doesn't  show roses but does show horses. That is her profession.
free form rose bed                    shows the biggest part of the back yard rose garden
Linda & George Jansing, Louisville, KY
Louisville Rose Society
Linda has been growing roses since 1993 and beganexhibiting in the late 90's.  She enjoys the competitiveside of rose growing as much as the pure enjoyment of her garden.
  Dortmund and Rainbow's End                    a pink climber and Dortmund
Peggy Utz, New Albany, IN
Louisville Rose Society
Peggy and Mary Jane developed their garden before Mary Jane passed away. They grew roses for 40 years but lost a lot in the 2007spring freeze. Peggy says that among her favorites is any rose that Whit Wells develops.

Photos provided by the garden owner
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