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Many thanks to all the Tenarky members who sent pictures of their gardens to be included in this program.

We will conduct our tour in a circle of the Tenarky District starting with Martin Skinner of the Holston society.   Then we will continue to the Tennessee society, then south to Chattanooga, north and west to Cookeville and Nashville, west to Memphis, then north and east to Louisville
and finally south to complete the tour in Bowling Green.

Altissimo on a metal Christmas Tree support                    Playgirl ,Brigadoon, Opening Night, Dublin
Martin & Dorothy Skinner, Harriman TN
Holston Rose Society
Martin loves Altissimo because of its velvety
appearance and color.  He says that he enjoys
giving big bunches of miniatures to his
cardio-therapy group members.
  Veterans Honor, Moonstone, Louise Estes surrounding fountain                    HT's including Hollywood, Lynn Anderson, Hot Princess
Noah & Marge Wilson, Morristown,  TN
Holston Rose Society
This is their back yard with  Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras.  Noah likes to present seminars to groups of 40 or 50 in the garden centers each spring and follows up by sending monthly e-mails -- "What to do now."

plantings surrounding birdhouse                    Lake Loudon in the background
Lane Hays, Knoxville, TN
Tennessee Rose Society
Lane's garden was included on the garden tour held during the Knoxville District Convention in 2006. Lake Loudon is in the background.


rose gardens with Tennessee River in background                    main rose garden with flag in the background
John & Kay Rodgers, Knoxville, TN
Tennessee Rose Society
This garden was also on the 2006 tour.  The Rodgers chose this home because of its location on the Tennessee River.  They have been growing roses since the late 60's and their children are following in their footsteps.

overview of back yard garden                    the side yard with HT's, floribundas, and miniatures
Joe & Rhonda Spruiell, Knoxville, TN
Tennessee Rose Society
Joe's dad helped him get started growing roses. They have been growing them for about 32 years. Seeing his first rose show helped Joe realize that very good roses could be grown in their area.


front of house with Rhapsody and other HT's                    the mailbox area featuring Mini Cupcake
Kathy & Jim Brennan, Knoxville, TN
Tennessee Rose Society
The Brennans have more than 170 roses.  When Kathy joined the rose society, Rhonda Spruiell became her mentor and encouraged her to try exhibiting.

front of the house with roses                    roses surrounded by other flowers
Mary & Michael Bates, Knoxville, TN
Tennessee Rose Society
For 17 years, they have enjoyed growing climbers, shrubs and more than 100 hybrid teas & floribundas in their perennial and woodland garden.
  new bed in Knoxville                    new bed in Knoxville
 Charles & Robbie Griggs, Knoxville, TN
Holston Rose Society
When the Griggs moved from Nashville to be closer to their children, they took their love of roses with them.  These pictures are from their new beds.

Photos provided by the garden owner
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