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a front view of the house and large front yard                    a side view with a bed of HT's
Jim & Barbara Preston, Louisville, KY
Louisville Rose Society
The Prestons' home is on a corner lot and has a large front yard where most of the roses are.  They
have been growing roses for ten years. Barbara volunteers at Baptist East Hospital and takes roses
to comfort and bring smiles to those who are ill.
  Knock Out stands in the foreground of the Koi pont and waterfall                    Gentle Giant anchoring the corner of the north rose bed
Georgia & Howard Snyder, Greenville, KY
Bowling Green Rose Society
Although they live more than an hour from Bowling Green, the Snyders are members of the BGRS.  Georgia's favorite is Tamora. As she  said,"Roses seem to be an addiction."
the courtyard and four interior beds                    from the porch steps with Aroma Therapy in bloom
Ben & Pauline Matus, Alvaton, KY
Bowling Green Rose Society
The Matus' have been growing roses
"nonchalantly" for almost 25 years.  After retiring
 and moving to Bowling Green, they have more
time and are trying to tend them as
they should be tended.
  New Dawn on the archway and Fourth of July on the left                    most roses in raised beds with Mr. Lincoln in front
Bob & Ann Jacobs, Bowling Green
Bowling Green Rose Society
Bob has been growing roses for over 50 years and has about 300 bushes.  As to a favorite, he will tellyou, "the one that is blooming."
beds in various shapes with fields in the background                    beds in front of a brick retaining wall outside bedroom
Kent & Claire Campbell, Bowling Green
Bowling Green Rose Society
Kent has always loved roses but couldn't spend much time on them until he retired. 
His beds assume various shapes according to the contour of the land and thei rneighbors, such as walks, trees, and walls.


Thank you for the pictures and stories you shared with me.  There was a great commonality in your responses.
Many of you began growing roses because a mother, father, grandfather or aunt had grown them before you.
Many of you were inspired to exhibit roses by winning a Novice award at a rose show.  Many of you mentioned
a beloved mentor who helped you with your early efforts.  And most of you mentioned that sharing your roses
with others -- either by sharing your garden on tours or giving your roses away -- give you your greatest pleasure.
Thank you.

Photos provided by the garden owner
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