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ARS Consulting Rosarians - Tenarky District

Emails have been deleted. 
mhext@outlook.com if you need anyone's email address.

Please send your 2019 CR Report before January 31, 2020, to:
Kathy Brennan
, 706 Landing Lane, Knoxville, TN 37934  (865) 556-2175  Email

Click here for the CR Report Form in Word  or in PDF  format.

The list below was updated from a CR list sent from ARS on 1/27/2021.

If your audit is past due, please plan to attend a CR school at the next opportunity.
According to our ARS CR Chairman, a CR can extend only to the 5th year,
(with permission from the District CR Chairman).
Contact Kathy Brennan, Tenarky CR Chair, for information.


Name Phone City Local
2021 Anthony, Richard* 330.360.8510 Brighton, TN Memphis & Dixie RS
2021 Baird, Larry* 931.729.5259 Duck River, TN Nashville & BGRS
2021 Baird, Connie 931.729.5259 Duck River, TN Nashville & BGRS
2023 Bates, Mary 865.924.6242 Knoxville, TN Tennessee RS
2025 Bowen, Robert 615.395.4674 Arrington, TN Nashville RS
2025 Brennan, Kathy* + 865.556.2175 Knoxville, TN Tennessee RS
2025 Brown, Pam 615.878.0392 Nashville, TN Nashville RS
2023 Butler, Roland 423.332.8633 Hixson, TN Tri-Sate RSC
2023 Cansler, Casandra 423.332.8633 Hixson, TN Tri-State RSC
2025 Coleman, Diane 615.954.4218 Mt. Juliet, TN Nashville RS
2023 Daniels, Ron* 615.330.7083 Hendersonville, TN Nashville RS
2025 Dempsey, Sue 423.332.4030 Soddy Daisy, TN Tri-State RS
2023 Depenbrock, Tim 502.573.2070 Frankfort, KY Louisville RS
2025 Dolinger, Millie 901.628.7137 Nashville, TN Nashville RS
2025 Emery, Lori 615.948.7672 Franklin, TN Nashville RS
2025 Epperson, Susie 865.984.4313 Maryville, TN Tennessee RS
2025 Garabedian, Jill 615.613.2680 Thompsons Station, TN Nashville RS
2022 Garman, Keith 615.352.6219 Nashville, TN Nashville RS
2025 Garrett, Cindy* 423.332.6979 Soddy Daisy, TN Tri-Sate RSC
2025 Garrett, Jeff* 423.332.6979 Soddy Daisy, TN Tri-Sate RSC
2025 Hext, Mary Ann* 270.781.8171 Rockfield, KY Bowling Green & NRS
2023 Jacobs, Ann* + 270.781.2592 Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green & NRS
2023 Jacobs, Bob* + 270.781.2592 Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green & NRS
2025 Jansing, Linda* 502.905.8372 Louisville, KY Louisville RS
2023 Jennings, Christine 706.638.2339 LaFayette, TN Tri-State RSC
2021 Johnson, Sarah* + 931-261-9386 Cookeville, TN Cookeville ARS
2025 Jones, Nancy 615.646.4138 Nashville, TN Nashville RS
2025 Leonard, Alyssa 615.943.8546 Nasville, TN Nashville RS
2023 McClellan, Lynda 615.878.0392 Nashville, TN Nashville RS
2025 McGintis, Jacqueline 706.374.6957 Chickamauga, GA Tri-State RS
2025 McKeehan, Susan 865.599.8504 Knoxville, TN Tennessee RS
2025 Meyer, Eugene 615.373.0303 Brentwood, TN Nashville RS
2022 Miller, Janet 502.899.3378 Louisville, KY Louisville RSC
2021 Morgan, Paul 859.3331.5567 Villa Hills, KY Cincinnati RS
2025 Reich, Martha* + 615.833.0791 Nashville, TN Nashville RS
2021 Sharpe, Richard 423.586.3067 Signal Mountain, TN Tri-State RSC
2021 Schweitzer, Gerry 859.635.2394 Alexandria, KY Greater Cincinnati
2021 Shillinglaw, Joan 615.790.7346 Franklin, TN Nashville RSC
2021 Shillinglaw, Logan* 615.790.7346 Franklin, TN Nashville RS
2021 Taube, Barbara O. 901.493.3200 Michie, TN Nashville RS
2022 Townsend, Brian 210.748.3966 Knoxville, TN Tennessee & Holston
2023 Wedekind, Jack* 615.481.8696 Hendersonville, TN Nashville RS
2025 Wendler, John 615.477.4447 Burns, TN Nashville RS
2023 Wernigk, Dan 217.898.1770 Rockfield, KY Bowling Green RS
2025 Wilson, Noah* + 423.586.3067 Morristown, TN Holston RS
2022 Wise, Wendy 615.332.5190 Nashville, TN Nashville RS
2023 Worch, Cindy 615.584.1377 Manchester, TN Nashville RS
2023 Wuorenmaa, Sharon 502.245.9363 Louisville, KY Louisville RS
 * = Denotes ARS Master Rosarian
 + = Denotes ARS Outstanding Consulting Rosarian
updated from February 2021 CR School
updated from the ARS list received 1/27/2021
Please contact Kathy Brennan if there are corrections.

Tenarky Outstanding Consulting Rosarians -  click here

Tenarky Master  Rosarians -  click here

 Consulting Rosarian Emeritus

2016 - Ted Mills - Tri-State Rose Society of Chattanooga
2016 - Donna Tarrant - Louisville Rose Society
2016 - Anne Owen - Nashville Rose Society
2015 - Martin Skinner - Tennessee Rose Society* +
2010 - Mary Guthrie - Tri-State Rose Society of Chattanooga
2005 - Cliff Cleage - Cookeville Area Rose Society
2005 - Patsy Cleage - Cookeville Area Rose Society
2005 - Aliene Eilertsen - Memphis/Dixie Rose Societies
2005 - Sheldon Rein - Louisville Rose Society
2003 - Helen Almond - Bowling Green Rose Society


Kathy Brennan, District CR Chair, presents
Marty Reich, NRS, with the 2018 ARS Outstanding
Consulting Rosarian Award at the fall convention

Dr. Sam Jones, District Director, presents
Martin Skinner with Consulting Rosarian Emeritus
 Certificate at the 2015 Fall Convention Banquet


CR Information

The CR Manual and all CR Forms can be found on the ARS website under Find A Consulting Rosarian.

You may type in the form (if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - open the form, save it to your computer,
choose Fill & Sign under Tools),
save and email, or print, scan and email, or US mail to:




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