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ARS Horticulture Judges - Tenarky District
updated 3-24-2021 - please send corrections to Mary Ann Hext

Please complete your 2023 report and send to Howard Carman by January 31, 2024.
Arrangements judges should also complete the bottom portion and send to Barbara Taube.
Click here for form in pdf format.

You may type in the form (if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - open the form, save it to your computer,
choose Fill & Sign under Tools),
save and email, or print, scan and email, or US mail to:
Howard Carman, 3894 High Plains Road, Vine Grove, KY 40175  502-378-2043  email: howardr@bbtel.com

Major Changes to the Way Roses are Judged - Approved by the ARS Board October 2019








2026 Baird, Connie 2571 Totty's Bend Duck River TN 38454 931.729.5259 email
2026 Bates, Mary** 513 Altamira Dr. Knoxville TN 37934 865.924.6242 email
2027 Carman, Howard** 3894 High Plains Rd. Vine Grove KY 40175 502.378.2043 email
App Emery, Lori 2816 Tallgrass Lane Knoxville TN 37932 615.948.7672 email
2027 Fuqua, Glenn** 1358 Vinton Ave. Memphis TN 38104 901.497.6313 email
2025 Hext, Mary Ann 1997 Browning Rd. Rockfield KY 42274 270.781.8171 email
2026 Jansing, Linda** 4415 Jacob Glenn Way Louisville KY 40241 502.905.8372 email
2026 Rodgers, John ** 8820 Cove Point Lane Knoxville TN 37922 865.539.5226 email
2026 Rodgers, Kay** 8820 Cove Point Lane Knoxville TN 37922 865.539.5226 email
2027 Taube, Barbara O.** 3302 Joe Dillon Road Michie TN 38357 901.493.3200 email
2026 Thompson, Michael ** 1109 Harrison Ferry Rd. White Pine TN 37890 865.674.0133 email
2027 Williams, Paula** PO Box 27 Ekron KY 40117 270.863.1778 email
*Denotes Apprentice Judge
**Denotes Outstanding Horticulture Judge Award - Click here for a list of OJ Awards

Updated 9/22/22 from Linda Jansing list for ARS virtual seminars for horticulture judges in 2022

Updated 3/14/2021 from Linda Jansing list from ARS virtual seminars for horticulture judges in 2020-2021

Updated 2/10/2020 from ARS list sent by Carol Spiers


Emeritus Horticulture Judges

Jimmy Moser - Memphis & Dixie Rose Society
2018 - Noah Wilson** - Holston  Rose Society
2016 - Evelyn Moser - Memphis & Dixie Rose Society
2016 - Ted & Mary Alice Mills - Tri-State Rose Society of Chattanooga
2015 - Joseph** & Rhonda Spruiell** - Tennessee Rose Society
Kent Campbell - Bowling Green Rose Society
Jane Witherspoon**
Edith Smith
Art Haun


Mary Ann Hext, District Director, presented ARS Horticulture Emeritus Certificates to Ted & Mary Alice Mills at the 2016 Winter Workshop. Award received by Carol Sharpe to give to Ted.

Mary Ann Hext, District Director, presented ARS Horticulture Emeritus Certificates to Sheldon Rein at the 2016 Winter Workshop, Award received by Linda Jansing to give to Sheldon.

Dr. Sam Jones, District Director, presents ARS Horticulture Emeritus Certificates to Rhonda Spruiell and the late Joseph Spruiell at the 2015 Fall Convention Banquet




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