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Click on years below for RIR Reports!

2023 Roses in Review Report


2021 - no report


2019 TENARKY RIR Report

2018 - no report

2017 TENARKY RIR Report

2016 TENARKY RIR Report

2015 TENARKY RIR Report

2014 TENARKY RIR Report

2013 TENARKY RIR Report

2013 TENARKY RIR Report

2012 TENARKY RIR Report

Reports are compiled by Jeff Garrett, Tenarky RIR Chair

It’s Roses in Review Time! Each year members of the American Rose Society evaluate new rose introductions. A broad base of participation is needed to make this project worthwhile. We need your evaluations, whether you grow one of the varieties on the survey list or dozens of them. We welcome evaluations from you whether you are a new rose grower, a “garden” rose-grower or a seasoned veteran grower; whether you grow roses for your landscape and garden or if you also grow them to exhibit. We are happy to get reports from non-ARS members as well, so pass the news along to all your rose-growing friends (and encourage them to try an ARS Trial Membership as well.)

Results of the survey will be included in the January/February issue of American Rose and will determine ratings in the ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses as well. For these results to be meaningful, we need everyone to participate. So please, take a few minutes of your time to evaluate your new roses.

Instructions are on the ARS website and the survey may be printed out and mailed to Jeff Garrett, our district RIR Coordinator; or you may submit your evaluations online prior to the annual deadline at this link.

Please note that while participation in RIR is a voluntary activity for many rosarians, Consulting Rosarians are now required to participate as one of their CR activities.

Our district evaluation report is compiled by Jeff Garrett and the results are posted on the Tenarky website for review of rosarians in our area of the country.

Please take time to participate in the survey as your input benefits all roses growers!














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